What do my customers think about Hamper Haven??

Thank you she loved it!! We were thoroughly impressed with you, can't wait to use you again and tell others about your service. Asha 13.2.20

Thank you so much for all your hard work. He absolutely loved it. Seriously he has been partying since Wednesday lunch so I dare say there is nothing left now haha Karina 19.5.19

You’re the best Tarryn! Mum has already messaged me with a photo, she was very surprised THANK YOU so much for delivering such a wonderful gift. Abbie 12.5.19

That’s fantastic! Thank you very much for making this work. Naomi 11.5.19

They look beautiful thank you so much!! Jacki 19.4.19 

Thanks Tarryn

Received and Loved it Gloria 13.5.19

That’s wonderful xx thank you sooo much Tarryn!!

Catherine was delighted with the hamper.Georgia 1.2.19 

Thank you again – they love it 😊 Dan 2.10.18

She did love it thank you so much! You did an amazing job!! If I ever need a hamper in Bunbury again I will be sure to contact you :) Thanks again, Sheralyn 17.10.19

Thank you so much for delivering this hamper before I made payment. Talking to my sister who was with mum yesterday it was lovely and very much appreciated. She also sent me photos so am very chuffed. Kerry 23.9.19

Thank you for the wonderful Mothers Day Hamper you delivered on Mother's Day. It was a very nice surprise and great to see a local person doing this in our amazing region. 

Marie 25.5.19

Thank you so much, the Hamper is wonderful. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into making this. Lyn 1.10.18

Thank you Tarryn. She loved it. Ray 23.11.17

Thank you so much, love all your suggestions below and trust you will put together something special for them. Simone 10.11.17

Alexis has sent me a photo - she thinks it is beautiful. Ann 7.10.17

Tarryn, the basket you did for my Dads 90th was amazing and he LOVED IT. Thank You. Janelle 16.3.18

Tarryn continues to provide a terrific service with her latest effort for us - a delivery to my elderly mother for Mother's Day. In addition to receiving a beautiful hamper personally delivered my Mum loves the chats and excuse to give away plant cuttings. Tarryn is part hamper creater , deliverer and social worker! Nice to know I have someone to call upon for personalised gifts for my parents and friends in Bunbury when I'm so far away. Shirley 12.1.18

Thank you so much Tarryn for the amazing hamper you prepared for a lovely friends birthday today, he loved it :-) your service is above and beyond and I truly recommend your business to anyone looking for a quality product, prompt service and all at a very affordable price. Thanks again Tarryn, well done! Michelle 10.11.17

Oh wow thank you! I very much appreciate your customer service. I got my order today and absolutely love the balloons. Will be placing another order soon. Belinda 24.10.17

Alexis has sent me a photo - she thinks it is beautiful.Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Just lovely. Anne 7.10.17

Awesome, I will use again, I am 2000km away and got a 21st hamper for my daughter, so easy and totally thrilled with it. 4.10.17 Jacqueline

Just had Noel ring me! He was very impressed, so thank you very much Debra 8.9.17

He just messaged a while ago and said it was awesome! Ronnie 18.8.17

Thanks Tarryn, Hamper looks amazing!! Diane 7.7.17

The gift looks fantastic :-) ...thank you so much for everything. Amanda 9.3.17

Thanks again for your help. He really loved it. Taryn 29.6.17

Thanks so much Happy mother’s day yourself! Shirley 13.5.17

Thanks for the photo looks divine!! Michelle 12.5.17

Fab!! Thank you!Anita 11.3.17

Wow I'm impressed!! very nice work, will be keeping your details handy. I appreciate the effort you have put in, thanks so much Tarryn.

Luke 24/9/14

You are a life saver!!! Thank you so much. I will definitely be using and referring your business in future. So grateful.

Darlene 18/9/14 

You definitely have the right idea! I will recommend you to anyone, thank you for your help.

Matt 12/9/14

Thanks for the hamper **** and ***** loved it!

Dean 12/8/14

Awesome!! Thank you Tarryn, so thrilled with the efficient and personalised service. Your a gem!

Jade 24/6/14

Thank you so much for putting in a great effort, he loved it thanks!! Wish you were in NZ. We need someone like you over here to make decent hampers with what people want in them.

Christine 21/6/14

Love your flexibility!!!

Susan 10/6/14

He got the hamper, and loved it, you did a great job! Thanks so much.

Lauren 18/2/14

Thanks for doing the hampers again for us - all our clients have been delighted with their gifts.

Jen 23/12/13

Many thanks once again for doing our xmas hampers for our clients. Have just had feed back from them all they where delighted.

Parade Electrical 20/12/13

Thanks again Tarryn for all your help. Really appreciate it.

Leah 19/12/13

That’s great. Thanks for your help with this. I do appreciate the personal touch!!

Mary 18/12/13

Tarryn it's gorgeous!!! Well done, thanks!

Jayne 2/8/13

Thank you for all your help, you have a great business and I will keep you in mind for the kids’ birthdays down there throughout the year

Kerryn 7/2/13

Hampers look great! Thanks so much

Executive Assistant to the Mayor - City of Bunbury 25/1/13

Just a quick thank you for organizing the delivery of the birthday hamper. She got a real surprise and loved it!!

Elizabeth 7/1/13

Thanks for your excellent effort!! we will use Hamper Haven again...

Paul 22/12/12

Thank you once again for the great service, I am sure she will enjoy it as much as last year!

Sonia 22/12/12

Thanks again for organising the hamper, they loved it!!

Cathy 22/12/12

Thanks Tarryn the hamper looks great! appreciate yout attention to detail. It means alot to send something personal when you are so far away.

Joan 20/12/12

We will use Hamper Haven again in the future!

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management - Perth 20/12/12

Thanks for delivering on Christmas Eve! really appreciate it.

Meredith 19/12/12

Thank you Tarryn I appreciate all your help

Cecily - Goldfields Money 17/12/12

Easy business, appreciate your service!

Richie - South West Haudralink 13/12/12

Thanks for the photos, it looks awesome!

Clint 2/12/12

Thank you so much for all of the work you put into the hamper, the client loved it!

Larissa - BT Financial Group 30/11/12

Thanks for the help with the hampers, we will be calling you again next year!

Maggie - South West Splicing 26/11/12

The Hamper looked great! Thank you so much for the prompt service!

Brad - Rio Tinto 14/11/1

Oh wow! Thank you so much Tarryn, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Brooke 24/10/12

Thank you Tarryn for the photos - the Hamper looks amazing and I loved your ideas. You do such a great job.

Jen 19/9/12

Thanks so much for your quick and efficient service. My parents loved the hamper, and it's amazing to get something I ordered online delivered the very next day.

Matt 19/9/12

Just had a call from Catherine at ********- they are so thrilled with your hamper you did for me. So thank you heaps once again - you do such an excellent job and I appreciate all the effort you always put in to them for me. And I love the response from the people that receive the hampers - makes my day too.

Security Man 18/9/12

Cheers and thanks - the hamper looks great!

Anne 28/8/12

I cannot recommend Hamper Haven enough! Tarryn is super professional and a dream to deal with. The lucky lady who received her personalised hamper LOVED it. Thanks Tarryn :)

Ali 24/8/12

Thanks for the lovely hampers you provided today and at such short notice. They were exceptional once again. :-)

Triska - West Country Office Machines 2/7/12

Thank you so much for all your assistance. The hamper was received with much priase!!

GWN7 26/6/12

Tarryn, many thanks for doing this at such shorty notice. We look forward to hearing how the hamper is recieved!

James 24/12/11

The hampers are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much. And also for dropping them off. Amber 15/12/11

Thank you heaps Tarryn, really appreciate all the extra trouble you go to.

Jen 12/12/11

Just a quick note to thank you so much for the hamper that you sent to my graphic designer, he is so very pleased with it, so I know you have done an excellent job, as usual.

Barb 12/12/11

I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know how thankful we are for the wonderful hamper you prepared for our Uncle. He was so delighted when it arrived and called us for a long chat as he inspected the contents. He is so funny, last we heard he still hadn’t unwrapped it. We’ve heard from other family members that he has been showing it off to them. E.g. “ Pop was so excited about the basket you sent to him! He had it propped up on the table for everyone to see! I’m pretty sure it’s still there haha.”

It was a wonderful mystery to them that you had included the photo and I’m sure he will treasure it.

My husband and I would have loved to be with him to celebrate his 80 birthday but being able to send him one of your personalized, very special baskets, definitely was the next best thing!

Thank you very much!!!

Jane 11/11/11

I just had a call from my friend - so very pleased and delighted with their hamper. Thanks you again heaps. I do appreciate all the effort you put in and you always do such an excellent job.

Security Man 15/9/11

Thankyou for emailing me the picture, it looked great and I am glad he was happy with it. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Amanda 4/9/11

Thanks very much for doing such a great job and for such a prompt reply. You’re a saint. Will definitely be in touch in the future.

Deryn 22/8/11

It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I hope your business continues to be successful and gives you a lot of joy.

Paula 23/3/11

Tarryn I cant thankyou enough for what you did, so thankyou so much.

Kristy 22/3/1

Thankyou so much for the hamper. The pic looks great. She loved it, and so did the nurses! Jemma 14/2/11

Hamper looks gorgeous. Thankyou so much!

Chantelle 31/1/11

Thanks very much- they loved it.

Claire 29/12/10

Thanks so much Tarryn - above and beyond duty with my short notice - thank you!!! Megan 24/12/10

Thank you very much- the

hamper looks wonderful! Your right about (adding) the photo- it is a nice personal touch. Claire 24/12/10

I have confidence you will make it really nice for me and I can rest easy!

Thanks, Tarryn and I have put the word out for you with my friends for when they need hampers etc Good wishes Tracey 13/12/10

Thank you so much for doing the hampers on such short notice. I really appreciate it.

Belinda 20/12/10

A quick note to let you know I picked up the hampers and bottles this morning and they're fantastic. I dropped them into AQWEST and everyone thought they were really great.

Thanks for an excellent job.

Barb Clews 5/10/10

Hi Tarryn thank you for the hamper it is great.

Phena (South West Animal Rescue) 5/10/10

A quick note to let you know I picked up the hampers and bottles this morning and they're fantastic. I dropped them into AQWEST and everyone thought they were really great.

Thanks for an excellent job.

Barb on 5/10/10

Just wanted to say the hamper looks great .

Jay Drummond (Aussie Mortgage Brokers) 23/8/10

Oh thankyou so much Tarryn!!! That looks amazing! I'm so happy with it and i'm sure he will be too.

Elena 2/6/10

Oh how lovely!!! That looks wonderful - thanks so much for you attention to detail Tarryn. What a brilliant hamper. Will have my assistant direct deposit into your account today.

Cheers Anna On 29/03/2010

Hi Tarryn, Just a little note to say "thanks heaps", our clients were delighted and i am delighted too - you do such an excellent job and they look wonderful.

Thank you again Tarryn for your excellent service and wonderful hampers.

Jenny 21/12/09

The hampers look great! thanks so much.

Lisa 21/12/09

Thank you Tarryn, It looks great.
Lesa 15/12/09

Many thanks for the time and thought in making this awesome birthday hamper for my daughter, she will love it.

John 15/12/09

Hi Tarryn, Thanks for your suggestions - I will leave it totally up to you.

I know you will do an excellent job.

Jenny 14/12/09

Thank you for those photo's, the hamper looks great!!

Nicole 4/10/09

Im very happy with what you have done- perfect!!
Farah 4/3/09

Just a quick note to say thank you again. The hamper looks amazing and you have out-done yourself again. What a great business you have to offer. A real talent. I will make sure that everyone knows where it has come from and will probably find a reason to contact you again soon!

C. Cates, Bunbury

Hi Tarryn, Thank you heaps - had a call from a very delighted client in Australind. Said the hamper looked terrific. Thank you heaps for organising the hampers so promptly for me & thank you heaps again for doing such a great job.

Jenny (Security Man)

That is awesome Tarryn, and yes she loved it, could not thank me enough, so once again I thank you. I believe she has ordered from you already, so the chain reaction has taken off again

Kirsty, PC Machinery

Thanks very much Tarryn, that looks great

Brea, Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd

"Very happy - thank you once again . Luv the “hearts” and “circles” (Candy Wreaths) what a great idea!"

C. Perryman, Perth

"Thank you very much, that (Baby Boy Hamper) looks excellent.

I really appreciate your efforts at short notice"

K. Mathers, PC Machinery Bunbury

"Received your catalogue at fair on Sun 30/11 and loved the products so looked up on internet. Great site and lovely products, hoping to use your services soon. regards" Charmaine, Leschenault

"Saw your display at the waterfront market day on sunday, very impressed, think they are great, raved about them to the girls at work on monday! having worked in a florist a few years back, much better than the average run of the mill usually turned out & this is just what bunbury needed "something great & different" hope it goes really well for you! :-)"

Debbie, Bunbury

“Thank you so much for your kind wishes and for the fantastic basket of thoughtful gifts, it was nice to get a basket of 'USEFUL' items and the book will be a great treasure for her (baby Marlee) to keep.."

Mrs S. Gard, Bunbury

"Well what can I say! looks absolutely fantastic and so so much better than I could ever have hoped to have done myself! More than happy with the items you have included too, sure she will love it."

T. Oliver, Bunbury

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. HAMPER HAVEN was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Mrs L Jackson, Australind

“Very impressed with the gift basket, thanks for that!"

Gard and Associates client, Donnybrook

One of the excellent things about dealing with Gard and Associates was "The beer, wine and munchies after SETTLEMENT!!"

Gard and Associates client, Bunbury

"We just got the HUGE parcel and it is FANTASTIC. Yum, we can't wait to get stuck into it, thanks so much.."

Gard and Associates clients, Nicky & Greg

"Thank you for the hamper of goodies!! It made our weekend away extra special!"

K & B Hancey, Bunbury

"The website is great! Very user friendly"

M. Rose, Perth

"Thanks for the hampers, they look great !!"

P. Baker, Forkwest