This gallery features some of the hampers I have made over the years. 

Let these pictures to inspire you then email me so we can start creating a hamper to fit your individual needs.

All hampers can be changed to suit preferences and budget

From French champagne to fruit, this hampers covers it all....

A hamper like this presented in a wooden re-usable crate is in the $200 - $250 range depending on brands chosen

Fully loaded with local WA delights!!

Hampers that include wine and mostly WA produced products are around $100 - $150 depending on brand and size

Wine & cheese hamper (with a few sweet treats!)

From $100

Great gift combo!! With something to devour now and something to keep.

These combos are around $100 depending on brands. Plants with choc $40 on their own

The good the bad and the yummy!!

Market fresh fruit with a scattering of ferraro rocher chocolates and chocolate/caramel dipping sauce. From $80 upwards

Fruit and Baileys!!

This particular hamper features Strawberry & Cream Baileys...YUM From $150

Fruit and chocolate

Market fresh fruit with a scattering of ferraro rocher chocolates and chocolate/caramel dipping sauce. From $80 upwards

Fresh market fruit and blooms

A personal favorite! combo of fresh fruit, a touch of chocolate and a bright beautiful flower arrangement. From $100

Vibrant indoor plants with fruit and chocolates... from $100

Add a framed photo the really personalise your hamper.

Email me the photo and I will have it printed and framed

Do you know someone who needs a Pick Me Up?

If you have a friend needing a boost, someone unwell or perhaps someone grieving...this is a thoughtful and practical hamper full of things like fruit, yoghurt, muffins, tea, coffee, juice etc...

Allergy aware hampers available

CHILLI LOVER here is your hamper!

Chilli themed hamper .... could be done in any other theme too starting from$100

Bottle box... your choice!

One of the most popular hampers, especially for men. The presentation blows people away. From $100-$150 depending on brands

A classic combination... chocolate and Baileys.

Baileys comes in a variety of flavours now, choose one to team up with some Lindt and Guylian chocolates for someone special. As pictured $150

Morning tea time!

Favorites like TimTams teamed with locally made gourmet products. Great group gift that can easily be shared. From $80


Don't know what to get a child as a gift? Let me do it for you with a hamper choc full of treats and age appropriate gifts. From $50 - $100


Family box

Any hamper can be modified to suit a family. Age appropriate items will be included

Dont forget the dog!!!

A basket full of dog treats!! approx $80

Cheers mate!!

The perfect little thank you hamper. Beer, wine or spirits available from $70

Really get your message across with a helium balloon.

Foil helium balloons $12 (float for approx 1-2 weeks)

CUSTOM MAKE licorice, ginger and dark chocolate....OMG...

CUSTOM MAKE and very unique!!!

This hamper is contains everything you need to cook an amazing meal.

CUSTOM MAKE for a female 18th Birthday. Featuring perfume, beauty products, scratchies, chocolates and magazines.

CUSTOM MAKE Fisherman's box